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Searching for:  High Tops, Low-Cut, Jam, Park, Rhythm, Speed, Built from Scratch, OR Inlines?  We can definitely help you!  Looking for the best deals on a Roller Derby Rookie package? We can do that! Ready to Create your dream Riedell or favorite shoe Roller Skates? Our expert staff can help you do that too! Have a past injury or uniquely shaped foot and not sure which boots would be the most comfortable for you? That is one of our specialties!  

Skaters Choice owner, Linda Dorso Boileau (aka Coach Shirley N. Sane), is well known around the World for her knowledge, passion, and expertise in roller skating. Skaters Choice Skate Shop has been a “Brick and Mortar” Female owned, full service, store for over 70 years (4 generations). Owned and operated by Professional Coaches and skaters (Derby, Park, Speed, and Hockey) makes Skaters Choice one of the oldest and most experienced shops still in existence!  

Now joined by her daughter, Christina Pena (4th generation) with experience in speed, artistic, hockey, and Park skating, we have an amazing mix of old wisdom and current trends.  One of the benefits of our years of experience is that we have seen, helped design and tested many of the current day products when they were originally designed understanding the science behind the product (push wheels, forward mount, etc) and when it should be used. Let Skaters Choice Skate Shop match you up with the equipment that you need, in the correct size, and at a competitive price. If it was made for skating, we can get it!